Status Updates I Don't Care About Part II

Sarah Ginster: Sooooo bored! Who wants to hang out???
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 I love seeing this happen, and when it does I enjoy singing "Desperado" in a gentle whisper.

The Gams.

Question:Do you know who takes gam pictures like this? 
Answer: Leann Rimes when she vacations with married men.  


It's your friend's birthday. Everyone is happy and having a blast. Someone from the group decides that it would be a great idea to take a picture to remember this amazing night. During the 13 seconds it takes to get into formation, turn the camera on, and take the picture, you've gotten distracted and noticed someone's riding their bike. You like bikes. You stare at it. Photo ruined.

The Desperate Actor

To the college sophomore studying theatre: your pictures make me uncomfortable and I'm not sure what any of these have to with that role in "Hello, Dolly!" you are auditioning for. Looks like it's another play that you'll be working as stage crew.  

The X-Men

 Your ex has a new bf/gf and now it's on Facebook. When you click on their profile you are surprisingly shocked to see your ex is now dating Quasimodo.