The Check-in


Fran Smitherhouse
May 30

Just looking and buying ;)- at Rite-Aid

Boozing before my haircut with the ladies ;) - at Supercuts

Relaxxxing by the pool before I watch a Medea movie- at Holiday Inn Express Room 403
Thanks for checking-in excessively! I can't wait to find you!!
All the best,
That guy with the weird name you friended when you joined Facebook in 2005 and accepted because you needed friends.

The "Never To Be UnSeen" Post


"Crushed my foot today. It's a bleeder!"

Instagram Filter

1. Take  picture.


2. Open picture in Instagram app. 

3. Change filter. 

4. Repeat step 3.  

The Fishing For a Compliment Post

Friend of your friend: Omg girl, I never noticed how much you look like Megan Fox!

Friend: Aww thanks :)

You: ...