Nap Time

 Why do you look soo bored? You're the one taking the picture of yourself. Splash some water on your face, have a cup of coffee, and start over again.

Not Riding the Pony

 Things I don't think to myself when I see a side ponytail:    
           "Good one!"                                                                                                                             "That must be the girl from "Teen Mom" who doesn't have a  kid and has a boyfriend."


Up...up...up...ahhh there we go, perfect!
This might look like a twentysomething brunette girl from this angle, but in actuallity it's a 9 year old Alaskan  boy wearing lederhosen.  

The "I was never hugged as a child."

Just remember, your Dad's creepy friend is on Facebook, and well, looks like you just made his night little lady!