The "Wait Don't Post Tha..."

You: Oh my gosh pleeeeeeaaaaase don't post that picture, I look ridiculous!

Friend: Ahh too late, I already posted it! Aww you don't like it? I thought you looked cute!

The "When is Darwinism Taking Over" Friend

 Your friend: "OMG I was so fat as a baby!!! Eww!"


The Weatherman

          "Brrr... It's cold!!! Xoxo" 


Note: This photo  is different than the "Walking Candid" because the subject is standing still. 

The Quiz Whore

Do you know someone who has to post every quiz result they've taken because they needed you to know what celebrity murderer they were most like?  Did you try and take one of those quizzes your friend posted? Yeah they are fun, but there's no need to post your results every g-d time!

Which type of sea lion would you be?

Your friend at their computer...

Quiz Result: Since you answered that you like to take road trips, your favorite color is green, and you love a girls night out, the breed of water loving sea lion that best suits you is the sarcastic Californian Sea Lion! 

Your friend after receiving their Buzzfeed results:


The "Could Be a Car Photo" Photo

The seatbelt is there somewhere, I know it! 

The Gym Fly

     "Working out!!!"

   No you're fucking taking pictures and everyone is judging you. This person is the same person who leaves their wet bathing suit in the sauna to dry and their cooter sweat on the weight machines. 

The Angry For No Reason Guy

Here's me not giving a flying #fuck #trafficonthursdayscansuckabigfatty


This time bomb makes every nervous, or delighted, with all the weird shit that they post.

The "Were You Going to Watch That?" Post


Fran Smitherhouse
 8 minutes ago near Lake Placid, NY

I can't believe they just killed off every person on Game of Thrones!!! Literally every person!!!! IS anyone else watching this????!!!!! Holy crap!!!!

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Behind on your TV shows? Don't worry, someone will ruin the episode for you anyway...



Gams Part Deux

"Yeah!!! I'm having a great time and you're not!" 

If you get any likes for a picture where you are showing off and acting like a dick, it's because all of your friends know that your knees are the ugliest part of your body, but you still have no clue. 

The Just Google It Post

When someone asks a question looking for one response...

Fran Smitherhouse
 4 hours ago near Lake Placid, NY

What day of the week is Valentine's Day?

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Tom Kilz: Friday.
4 hours ago
Isaac Soppel: This year it's Friday <3
2 hours ago
Gregg Youngs: friday
1 hour ago
Nigel Loosefoot: Friday
39 minutes ago
Tommy Jones: Friday
2 minutes  ago