Signs that Bitch is Lyin' Part 2

All face no neck? She's hiding either chins or... well, that's probably all. There is NOTHING wrong with additional chins, just look out for these beauties. 

Makeup Master

Every 16 seconds on Instagram, a makeup artist from Los Angeles posts a "before and after" make-up picture that makes you wonder what voodoo they performed. 

1980s Missing Person Picture

 The picture you know a person's family would use if they were ever kidnapped.
The  photo is generally blurry.

The Tricky Question

     When someone asks a question and the response has nothing to do with it.

Sam Flopst
 3 hours ago near Buffalo, AZ

Does anyone have a waffle maker I can borrow?

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Joe Grenfield: My great-grandpa invented the waffle maker.
3 hours ago
Ginny Duff: ;)
1 hour ago
Heather Young: great seeing you last week!
17 minutes ago

Concert Angles

It's summer concert season which means you'll see...
"Great concert!"

Followed by ...


Friends Who Overreact to Meme's

         Brianna Groundsfeld: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAHAHAHA LOL  OMG soooo true!" 

The Insect Repellant

Gross!! Huge ass spider in my bathroom. Does anyone know what kind it is??? 

*This kind of post is either equipped with a blurry image or with a question about what they took a picture of.

When the Caption Has Nothing to Do With the Picture

          "Just got out of the shower."

Passive Aggressive Breakup

"You're a piece of shit and I hate that I ever gave you a moment of my time. Over it! #byefelecia #youknowwhoyouare "

Dangerous Darwinism Photos

"Just taking a drive. #selfie #dashboardcamera #Onehanddriver #EyeOnTheTarget "

Sweet Summer Feet

"Mmmm... I love summer! New nail polish!
Statistically, everyone who is looking at your photo hates feet.

Blurred Lines.


It's 2015 and people still can't figure out how to focus a camera.

Just because we have access to a camera doesn't mean we should use it 

Fourth of July Photos

Fourth of July photos come in three options...

American flag with something not American


Blurry fireworks


The All Year April Fools

"Guys look! I dyed my hair red and then blonde! Just kidding it's from an app!! Lolz
People who try to post pictures to "fool" you are as interesting as those people who say they "forgot" the concert tickets at home whenever they go to a concert ONLY to say "just kidding, they're right here."