The T-Rex

 Where the fuck did your arms go????!

The Bad Guess


Fran Smitherhouse
    3 hours ago near Rome, NY

Does anyone know what this is? It's by my back stairs. 

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Tom Kilz: An Oak tree.
3 hours ago
Sarah Sloptino: I have that in my backyard too. Its definitely a rose bush <3
2 hours ago
Peter Hynes: tomato plant
1 hour ago
Nigel Loosefoot: pot
33 minutes ago
Quincy Immajumpyavagina Davis: Celery
5 minutes  ago

The Mirrored Mirror

Thank you for these! You really inspired my day!


Mother Nature Tweak

This grasshopper looks UGLY!!

Oh my gosh! Soo much better!!!

Third Times the Charm

 If the lady or gentleman that you are interested in posted at least three nearly identical photos of themselves in a row, they blow. Not as in a sexy blow, but as in your mom would hate them.  

The Can't Sleep Post

Fran Smitherhouse
4 hours ago near Blasdell, NY

Ugggh this sucks being awake so early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Can't sleep? Why don't you alert everyone who is sleeping so they may help you? Oh, that's right... they're FUCKING SLEEPING. 

The Deuce Douche

  "Throwing up the deuces lol"

The subject posted said picture because they thought they looked good in it and threw in a "lol" because, well, perhaps it makes it less weird for everyone. 


The "My Friends are Better than Your Friends" Post or Hashtag

Really, dude? I thought we were all friends here. 

Summer Fireworks

     "Happy Fourth of July everyone!!"

The "I Hope This Doesn't Get Deleted Before I Can Tell a Bunch of People to Checkout How Awkward it Is" Picture

Did you send this picture to your boyfriend/girlfriend, then accidentally shared it on Facebook? The reason why I ask is because there is really no other explanation on why you would share such a thing. 

The Belated Birthday

Your friend's birthday was yesterday and you forgot! Today, your friend posted a "thanks for all the birthday wishes." You now have two choices:

 1. Write on their wall "Happy birthday xoxo."
2. Fall for their trap and comment on their status admitting you forgot and wish them a happy belated.

Tag Rules

When someone tags their friend in a post and you're not sure whether or not it's appropriate to like it...

Fran Smitherhouse
51 minutes ago near Blasdell, NY

I really think @John needs to see Nik Wallenda ASAP at Darien Lake!!!

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