The Next Day Regret

Ever post something on a Thursday, no one responded by Friday so it was deleted on Saturday? 

Thursday : 

Fran Smitherhouse 
 13 minutes ago near Lake Placid, NY

Anyone want to grab a drink with me?

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Fran Smitherhouse 
 Yesterday near Lake Placid, NY

Anyone want to grab a drink with me?

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Up Close and Personally Surprised

What's this button thing here.... OH DEAR A FLASH!!! I didn't see that coming. Well sure I guess I'll just post it anyway. 

The Suburban Mom


      "Off to the mall!! :) " 

The Sex Tape Night Vision Filter

If this is the part right before shit gets real in a sex tape, I want no part of it!!! 


Someone posts something on your page?

Sure why not repost it to your page again! Maybe we didn't notice it the first time!

Oh no wait, we definitely did. 

The Too Soon Like

  When people "like" things they probably shouldn't.




Stephanie Carter
 2 hours ago near Lake Placid, NY

Just put my dog to sleep. So depressed.

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Fran Smitherhouse liked this.
George Straights: Uggh Steph Im sorry for your loss.
Jacob Tottle: I've been there, only time will heal.
Stephanie Carter: Thanks George and Jacob, it means a lot.


The Kisses

Famous people who would kiss random objects and take pictures of it include: Eleanor Roosevelt, Joan of Arc, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Kei$ha, and  Emily Dickinson.

New Haircut

                        A picture of your new haircut? Awww pretty!
     ... Another? OK, still looking good...


              And another???! Girl, you just got the modified "Rachel." One picture was enough!