The Glow.

Just because Avatar made a lot of money doesn't mean your photo will make James Cameron want to use your image in his next blockbuster. I see you.

The Doctor's Note

"Kim Smothers Wow not feeling too good. Stuffs comin out of every hole :-/  5 more months until the baby is here "

Do you have a friend who tells way too much in their status' including the food they ate or their explosive diarrhea? Well that is definitely a pregnant friend you got there kiddo!

Note: If friend is not pregnant, they were probably one of the slutty girls in high school, or have thought about calling the 1-800 number during an ITT Tech commercial. Not that anything is wrong with that...

The Somewhat Wayward School Woman.

 I once dated a guy who had a friend in her 40s who had an album entitled "Pigtails." Oh yes, this is true. I'm 60% sure that she dressed up as Little Orphan Annie on Thursday's, and 79% sure she still sat on her dad's lap. For some reason, gals like this aren't married. Weird.

Peace, Love, and Boobings Tips.

This is that girl who: 1. Thinks she's a hippie because she knows part of the lyrics to The Grateful Dead's "Casey Jones" 
2. Throws peace signs in photos 
3. Contorts body in uncomfortable fashion so teets look like juicy mangos.