Drink Up

Person taking a selfie + sipping a drink = Raised eyebrows + bulging eyeballs. 

Yogi Face

"I washed my hair today!"

Can someone explain to me why women who are into yoga post pictures like this??

Make-Up Tutorial

Hey!  I'm so good at make-up and confident in my application of it that I will still use an obvious filter!

The Candid Gym Pic

Cool candid picture that you took of yourself at the gym that no one really cares about but we will still like it so you will like one of our photos in return!

The Snapchat Filter Profile Picture

Did you use a Snapchat filter that changed you from a regular looking human into an unrecognizable  Disney Princess? If the answer was yes, than that mean you definitely posted it to Facebook.

Lookout for a "wow you are so beautiful" comment from that family member who has made you uncomfortable since childhood or from that guy you're not sure if you ever met in real life but always wishes you a "happy birthday" when the time comes around. 

The Internet See's More of You Than Your Partner Pic

Getting ready to go out with my man tonight!
#GodIsGood #SexyAndSavingMyself

The Ex Bed pic

Ladies does your partner have an ex who has a picture on Facebook or any form of social media laying on a bed in this sort of fashion? If yes, dump him. HE CHOSE to be with someone who was crazy enough to post this picture online. Not her fault for being crazy, his fault for picking to be with crazy.

Compare and Contrast


FranSmitherhouse: Yummy snack! I love to get a boost of protein to keep my metabolism up! Send me a message if you'd like to join me!  #CleanEats #FollowMyJourney #Fitspiration #balance

AllieBrady: Cruzin' down the west side with my hommies #Dog

Something that gives me a lot of hope is that pictures of dogs, babies, and boobs get more "likes" than pictures of that girl you went to high school with "helping others" by telling you what she eats to maintain her not-necessarily-sculpted-physique.   

The Private Life

Private Instagram Accounts: Because this RN from Cleveland is still taking YOLO to heart.