The Life by Zodiac

Hey friends, here's an article about how I'm a bitch, yet also lovable, as I am born in December. Oh, the source? Yahoo News.

The Holiday Prep

Neither of these photos are douchey, it is rather nice to see a friend's holiday tradition.
 I will point out that I could have posted one image but was unable to control myself so I added another, which is definitely something you will see this holiday season. 

Couple TMI

Fran Smitherhouse: Omg this legit happened to us @Dave! No more suicidal chicken wings on date night ;)

People at home reading your post...

The Hologram Michael Jackson

Either someone fucked up the filter on their picture or took one of those photo booth photos that "sketches" you and makes you look like the pervy version of the Sun-Maid Raison girl. 

Couple TMI Divorce/Breakup

These types of posts are as uncomfortable as seeing a co-workers dick pic. 

"Disappointed yet again that he chose to go to his mom's house for his brother's birthday instead of watching Frozen with me. So over it. Smh."



 Ew. Gross and boring!

Ahh so much better!

The Live Action Failed Shot

The friend who takes a bad picture when they are in front of the action...

Is the same friend who...

Sits far away and takes an equally bad shot. 


The Unintentionally Sad Post

Curling up to a day old glass of Malbec and a new book on this lovely Friday night.
#YesPlease #Itsmy30thBirthday #MyFriendsAreOutButImStayingIn 

The World Around Us

What people think they look like while taking an "usie."

What they look like to everyone else...

The Don't Care


Don't care about what? I DON'T GET IT!  

The Over-Hashtaged

Fransmithers37: Ready for me??! #redlipsdontcare #blackhairdontcare #KylieJennerLips #bae #TryingToMoveMyEyebrowsLOL #datenight #getreadywithFranFriday #TMNT #ChicaCherryCola #GreenEyes #T1000WasMyFavinTerminator #IWishedUponAStarAndNothingHappened #GoogleHowYouCanGiveYourselfPinkEye

Something's Missing?

Something is missing with these photos but I just can't put my finger on it... Ahh yes, you CROPPED OUT AN ENTIRE PERSON!

Fashion Triptych

As seen on Instagram 
Today's look: Calvin Klein dress, Xhileration tights, Express for Men belt, Tampax Pearl tampon, Forever 21 boots