Throwback Thursday

I enjoy "Throwback Thursday" but for the sake of other people's announces with it...

The Can You Be More Specific Picture

Am I in a book club with you?

The Clueless Significant Other

This kind of post is usually by that girl you knew in college who was quiet and nice, but you were smart enough not to share your Chapstick with. Now she is always naked and posting images of her lady bits. Her significant other comments with everyone  else. 

"A sneak peak at what I'm wearing at the gym ;) "

Trenton Dibstin: daaaaaaamn
Gregg Flowers II: I like what I see. I'll see more next week when u stop by
Denise Saks: hott$$
Fred Krinklestep: looking good baby, can't wait to see those tonight xxx
Jon Michael Zippo: now ur talking! Hit me up sometime gurl  
Fran Smitherhouse: oh hey @Jon! Miss you, I'll text u later xoxo 

Fred Krinklestep is Fran Smitherhouse's boyfriend. Bless his heart. 

The Apology First Food Post

"I never do this because it's so annoying BUT this egg whites, jalapeƱo, banana pepper, tomato, black olive, cheese, and hot sauce dish is amazing!" 

Inside Outside Picture

"Super sunny out today!"

Listen kid, you're not fooling anyone here. You're inside.