The "I'm Going to Describe to You This Photo" Photo

"Sunburned and golfing!"

You don't need to describe the photo, it wasn't that hard to figure out. 

The Morning Street Cam

"Morning view of my street today."

The Kylie Jenner

Ladies love to draw new eyebrows over their original eyebrows, or new lips over there pre-existing ones.

Weather Hater

"Love living where it's sunny and warm all season. Have fun in the snow Buffalo! HAHA! SUCKAAAS!"

Two weeks later...

"GO BILLS!!! #BillsMafia "

The 1994 Instagram Girl

Some girl whose name is probably Lauren: "My hair is on point today! I don't care that u hate bathroom mirror pics, Im still gonna do it bc I don't give a phuuuck!!!
#nofilter #haironfleek #illwearlipsticknexttime #beforeworkselfie

This girl will say she's a 90s chick even though she was six during Y2K, and knows nothing of Rosie O'Donnell and her Koosh Balls.