Mom Text: Haircut

Did your mom get a haircut? Then she sent you a picture of herself looking away and sort of showing off her new do.

Interior Shots

If a lady you're interested in has a profile picture of herself in a car still, she:
1. Is still in college majoring in interior design.
2. Tells men she just meets how annoying it is to be allergic to condoms.
*Look for an unnatural smile, and check for seatbelts.  

Inappropriate RIP With Inappropriate Image

Peace to Bobbi Kristina #ShineBrightLikeADiamond #BOBBAAYBrown #LookAfterLamar #RIP 


Filtered As Fuck

Woman: At the beach <3 <3 <3
Filters: Bringing everyday sevens to nines.

Late Night Posts

People who post old Late Night clips to others wall.

Fran Smitherhouse l> Tommy Gruntlister
October 17 2015 8:39pm

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 Fran Smitherhouse:
1 hour ago
BABY!!! You need to see this lipsynch battle that Jimmy Fallon did!!!!!! Remember when it came up in conversation once and I was the only one who didn't see it? Well now I feel the need to share it with you again, even though you have seen it, because I was bored at work and wanted to make sure no woman posted on your wall. Love you! 


You: Uggh looks like my screen finally broke.
Friend: Whaaaat? Ahhh!!!!
1. Join the fucking club.
2. The type of person who "Likes" and comments on this photo is the type of person who overreacts every time they find out you've never seen Breaking Bad.

Street Art Selfie


People love taking pictures of themselves with mirrors littered with graffiti. Not douchey, but it's definitely a thing.

The Haven't Caught on Yet Post

Fran Smitherhouse
2 hours ago near Hattiesburg, Mississippi
OMG look at what my barista did! LOL I said Fran. LOL.

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Friends: That coffee company who has been spelling yours as well as everyone else's name wrong for the last 4 years is spelling your name wrong  intentionally; it's called marketing bro.

Statuses That Were Relevant 2+ Years Ago

Fran Smitherhouse
17 Minutes ago in Blasdell, NY

Stop with the pumpkin everything! Uggh! #SorryNotSorry

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