The "My Boyfriend is Better Than Yours."

My boyfriend showed up to dinner on time AND told me he liked my earrings today #MyBoyfriendIsBetterThanYours

To the people who post these bullshit posts: You just started dating CHILL THE FUCK OUT. Secondly, my boyfriend is a great guy, YOU KNOW HIM so stop acting like a fucking cunt. We are all friends here.

The "No One Really Cares Except That Guy You Don't Really Know But He Replies To Everything" Post

"Tough workout at the gym."

The Cleanup Friend

 Going through my friends on Facebook and deleted a bunch. If you see this post be grateful bc youve made the cut. Xo. 
This type of friend tends to be the most obnoxious because they have the least interesting and most insignificant life out of all the people you follow, but they haven't figured that out just yet.