The Snapchat Barfolomew

If you're on Snapchat you've seen a version of this picture.
I would love to point out how far along we have come as Americans where it's not weird at all for a 35 year old adult to lick the air, stare into their cellphone, pretend they are a puppy, and then share it with their friends.

The Drinking Habit

Person + Drink in Hand + Camera = Unnecessary Weird Face
I'm not sure why, but I see this shit happen all the time.

Child Bride

UGGGHH!!! Guys I'm 24 now! Im SOOOO OOOLLLLDDD!!!
Every person reading the status...

*If this is your boyfriend's ex girlfriend, shout out to him for no longer dating an ovulating child.

The Activist on Paper

"Elephants should be the only ones who own ivory!!!"
Followed by:
"Mmmmm all this dinner is missing is bacon <3 "
Listen, do what you want to do, but if you're going to keep posting the "save the animals" images, perhaps chill out on the images of the latest flesh you're tearing into.

The Robot Account

Here is something that will help you out: If some really hot chick whom you've never met, sends you a friend request, and the only mutual friend you share is that weird guy who always comments on how pretty you look when you post a new picture... that's not a real account.

Single Mom

Typical fortysomething single mom picture. Keep an eye out for an inappropriately tucked in shirt to showcase her figure, widely spread hand to grasp second generation iPhone, and a mirror.