Dick Lips

All I can think of when I see a picture of a girl doing that weird open mouth pose is:


Old School/New School

The Inspiration

The hardest part about finding an inspirational quote is finding which weird design to choose in order to showcase it.

Back to School Post

Fran Smitherhouse
2 hours ago

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First day of class!

It's back to school time for college students! Look for a selfie that has nothing to do with school, books, or the school the person is attending. This is really just an excuse for someone to take a picture, filter it, and wait for that one guy to say something about it. Points if any of her responses includes emojis. 

The Go Password

Anyone have an HBO Go/Netflix/Hulu/Showtime password I can have? I know you pay monthly for this service but I deserve it for free. Thanks!

The Gym Proof

Lady who posts pictures of herself during a workout = Lady who wears "Namaste in Bed" tank top while smiling to herself as she reads a wine meme on her phone.

The Fitness Coach

"You guys, it's soo important to fill your day with protein!! I love adding almond milk to my coffee  (it's super yummy in shakes!!!!!!!), eating string cheese, and Greek yogurt! Who doesn't love chocolate chips in their protein bar. I totes get sooo full!!!!!"
#BeachBody #SheddingWeightForTheWeddingEvenThoughIHadTheWholeRelationShipToDoIt #CleanEats #IHaventBlinkedInWeeks #IChooseMe
There is a new wave of people claiming to be fitness/nutrition coaches without having any background in dietetics and nutrition, just a username and password to some online calorie counting website. This person tends to take pictures of themselves in the middle of eating high protein food, in particular, protein shakes.
This person is NOT the same as someone who is documenting their weight loss story and is giving inspiration.