The "Thanks for Wishing Me A Happy Birthday" Post

Fran Smitherhouse
9 hours ago near Depew, NY

Thank you all for the birthday posts yesterday! It means so much to have such caring friends in my life who remember the little thing xoxo!

1. Facebook gave us the reminder.
2. We had already forgotten that it was your birthday yesterday.

Tired Morning Posts

People who complain about waking up who don't have children usually share by:
Posting their alarm with some stupid text...
"At work by 5:45am with bags under my eyes. Good thing my favorite mug is filled with coffee!!!!"
Or posting an image of themselves tired and with coffee.

"Aaaand GO!" Posts

Fran Smitherhouse
4 hours ago near Palos Garza, ATX

Livestrong bracelets, good or bad? And Go!!

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Issamemario Johnsone: Booo! Bad!!
3 hours ago
Jackson Nimp: It's a great cause built by a bad man. So good!
1 hour ago
Linda Crater: great seeing you last week! xoxo
13 minutes ago

My most hated posts of all seem to be making a comeback. I'm not sure why people can't just ask their friends, "what's your favorite Duran Duran song?" If one was in a hurry to find out, you'd call, correction, text, a friend.  Adding "And Go!" just makes you sound cunty and sad.

View from Up High

There is something magical about being on the wrong side of clouds, so let's not label this as douchey, but this image falls under the category of "photos we've all taken." Additionally, an airplane wing can make the shot, depending on the cellphone holder's seat.

The Technical Support a Friend

Fran is at it again: After its introduction to the world in 2007, the iPhone has been autocorrecting "fucking" to "ducking." Fran still doesn't get it.  


Fran Smitherhouse
 15 minutes ago near Newfane, NY

Uggh iPhone, I didn't mean to say DUCKING!!!

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Grandma Smitherhouse: lol, right?!
14  minutes ago
Thom Thoren: ;)
Just now