The Self Promoter

Do you have a friend who posts multiple selfies of themselves everyday? Well if you do then they are not really your friend.

The "Me First" Part Deux

Looks like Fran Smitherhose is posting again and no one is commenting. Now Fran will tag you in a comment so she may get some attention.

Fran SmitherhoseFour hours ago
I just bought lettuce!

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Fran Smitherhose I can now make a salad!
Fran Smitherhose I think I will put olives in it. @Dana  you will love it
Dana Booth Nice!
Fran Smitherhose Maybe I will make a white wine reduction sauce, have that cool, refrigerate, and use that as a vinergerette!

The Femme Squatelle


I'm not sure why we do it, but look at a picture of a group of women (let's say three or more) who are over the age of 11. At least one person in the group will be squating.

The Bad Hair Day


"Ughh bad hair day!"
Aww love you're having a bad hair day? Keep it to yourself and have a fucking cookie.

Sugar Lips

A picture of just your mouth? Neat! You must be amazing at blow jo....