The Run In

This picture is not douchey, though walking by and accidentally witnessing this person take said picture of themselves is quite uncomfortable. 

The Post-Breakup 'No Really I'm Fine' Picture

Photograph + fun activity + people of the opposite sex= Just broke up with boyfriend   

The "I'm Not Sure That's the Right Quote" Post

"When life gives you lemons, turn your other cheek bitches!"

The Surprised Over ___ Face

' I just realized I forgot to watch "The Bachelor" tonight!' 

No my love, you just took random pictures of yourself and ended up making this face for some reason (which I won't even get into), thought you looked good, and posted it. Also, she definitely still watched The Bachelor. 

The Story Board with a Shitty Story

The picframe with little subtleties and no story. 

The Hidden Agenda

       "Love the wallpaper in this room!"

The friend that is fishing for a reason to post a picture of themself. 

The One Upper Part 2

You: Wow so many emails today!
Friend: Oh man, that's nothing! I get that in an hour!
You: ... 

The Pity Party

Tom: you look pretty
Fran: thanks, though I think I look like Jafar from Aladin. 

Women tend to do this more than men, but if someone compliments you, say thank you. We don't need you to pity yourself.