Quote Posts

"My mood right now."
Thank you for the inspiration Faulkner.

The Gas Guzzler

"Uggh this is UNBELIEVABLE!!"

Aaaaaaaaannnd no one gives a fuck. 

Song Choice

"So good!"

Yeah, we know. Now go back to your "Family Fued" show and watch as Steve Harvey's suit gets bigger before your eyes. 

The Bar View

There are two types of people out there: the person who posts the "beer on bar picture, " or their counterpart, the "hand holding the Starbucks cup" person.

Tis the Season

As we approach the fall season, you will most definitely see a #throwback photo accompanied with the phrase, "Winter is coming."

The Freak in the Sheets

Question: Going to bed, whose with me?
Answer: No one.



The Waiting Game

1. Subject posts picture/status.  

2. Subject waits for someone to comment or like post.

3. Subject gets excited for one like. 
4. Subject continues to wait for more people to "Like" their update.

Moon Shadow

"Super moon."

This image is almost as bad as the shitty firework picture you posted three weeks ago.

Wardrobe Assistance

Should I wear this today? 
What tends to be the most annoying part about posts such as this is that, even if all of your friends posted, "NOOO DON'T!!!!!" you would definitely still wear it. 

Humble Brag

Just got done running a 5k #blessed