If you have had at least three men that you have labeled as your boyfriend in a period of 16 months, take a time out and breathe. Your vagina will thank us later.

January 28, 2014
      "Dave just bought me this gorgeous ring! Love you baby!"

March 3, 2014:
                         "Tom is so sweet! The best boyfriend ever!!" 

The Perv Liker

Do you have the friend who likes weird shit and you keep getting updates?

Dave Broom likes Underage Hiphop Stars

Dave Broom likes Purple Panties

Dave Broom likes Sarah Jessica Parker


Yeah, he's the worst. 


Pinterest Posts

How to make Nutella croissants? I would love to know, thanks for sharing!

How to turn my gym shirt into a slutty little black dress? Not necessary, but I'll take it.
How to put slippers in a box? I think I'm good. 

The Inspirational Quote?

This person posts a selfie along with an inspirational quote that has nothing to do with the context of the picture.


"I've got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire, 'cause I am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar."

The Self Defensive Post

This friend tends to be overly defensive with any selfies that they post...


     "I don't care if it's not cool to take pictures of me drinking out of my mug and posting it but I'm going to do it anyway!"


"Love my new mug, and I don't care if you don't like it #sorrynotsorry "

The Questionier

"Making speghetti and white sauce tonight. Get me to smile by telling me your favorite thing about me. Go!"

Remember the days when AOL chat rooms were filled with lonesome married folk, gamers, troublemaking teenagers, 48-year-old Russians pretending to be  "hot, horny, and 19," and you? 

I understand legitimate questions but in regards to narcissistic spicey banter and conversation, call up a friend. If that's too scary, text them. 

The Walking Candid


                     I don't get it.    

The Drunky Sex


This broad either took this picture when drunk or right when she was about to sneeze. Well played. 

The Weather Hater

There are two people in this case:

"Enough with the complaining, it's cold!"


"It's cold!"

The Revenge Post

This is the friend who tries to make their ex feel jealous by posting scandalous pictures of people trying to get up on their face. 

The Sad Kiss

Sad, uncomfortable (to most), lifeless kiss face. 

The Drive By


Looks professional, eh?... Yeah as an artist I like to explore different media... You like it?.. Thanks! ...Well it's just my phone actually... No filter on this one #nofilter... Oh the blurriness? Well I was driving and took it by placing the phone against my door.