The Overreacted

Fran Smitherhouse: UGGGHHH I just spoke to the biggest asshole on the phone! Whatever you do, DO NOT go to the dentist on King Street. The receptionist is the biggest f$%*#^$  a$$h*&@# c#*^ you will ever see!!!!!!!!!!!! I called to make an appointment but never confirmed and now someone else has that slot. Such a f*&^%@* pig slut.

Every person who reads it:

The Gam Cam

 Cool! Or, if this seems more natural, neat!  

The Morning Hello

"Good Morning!"
Yes, good morning to you as well! So umm... I don't know how to say this, but, well, did someone murder your vagina last night? I ask because I just don't get why you are doing this.

Old School Facestalk

One of my earliest photos I posted after joining Facebook was the kind of picture I would not have posted today, just a bad look -think late MySpace.
Recently, a man "Liked" the photo, leading me to speculate that he clicked-through hundreds of images until he found this one, which was resting comfortably and untouched in my "Mobile Uploads."
 I am not judging, as most of us have been there, but the lesson here is: if you are attempting subtlety don't "Like" the image. If you want me to know you're doing it, click away.  

The Working Man

Not douchey, just confusing. You want us to like a photo of you doing your job? I definitely will if that's the case. 

Vacation Shot


Listen dude, we know you're wasted, listening to your iPhone and falling in and out of sleep. That's fine, just realize that we all know that book will not be touched. 

The Unnecessary Gym Pic Part Two