The Basting Drumsticks

I know you're trying to be sexy or show that you're relaxing but all I can see are turkey drumsticks. 

Oh another one! I see you're having a great vacation!
 Yep, still turkey legs. 

The Drone Shot

What angle was this taken from? I have seen you in real life and I've never seen this woman before. 

The Boner Killer

My dream ring ;)

Asking For It

Who wants to cuddle tonight? ;)

Also know as: Who would like to have sex with me? Oh you would? Well, I posted this picture to see if anyone's dick would move. Now that I know it's working, I'm going lay in bed, check how many people are responding,  not answer them if they do, and post another one tomorrow night because my college gay best friend favorited the post on Twitter. Nighty night ;)

Selfies in Weird Locations

Porto potty?


InstaFresh Faced

As seen on Instagram :

It was really brave of you  not putting makeup on today. Thank you for your courageousness. 

The I Kind of Get it?

"Thanks for the flowers...NOT!"
The person who is trying to be funny but just looks like a condescending ass.

The Charades Friend Part 1

"So excited to see my favorite comedian Sinbad next month!!" 

This is the friend that has to inform you on what emotion they are feeling and then takes a picture of it. 

"Smells like stinky roses, yuck!"

The "This is a joke, right?" Post

Omg I need a new nose stat!!