Jim (7165551212): Hey what's going on? #notdoingmuch
                              Joe (7165553637): Nothing much dude. So uhh what's that hashtag for?
                              Jim (7165551212): Oh I wanted to show you I'm not doing much
                              Joe (7165553637): Why didn't you just say that then?

According to Wikipedia, "a hashtags are words or phrases prefixed with the symbol #... and are mostly used as unmoderated ad-hoc discussion forums."

So if you use a hashtag on Twitter, you are trying to make your hashtag a trend, a phrase people can search. Short story long, a hashtag should not be used in a text message.

Deja Vu Part Deux

Dear Smartphone,
Because of you,
this now happens.

You have given people who have too much time on their hands, to change the effects of their photo. Now us friends of the said person, has to see every effect from Cinnamon to Basic Frame.

The Three-Hours-Behind Spelling-Correction Guy.

STATUS:  Sam Flickinger:  My wife just had the bayb!! Haven't been this happy ever!!Life is perfect!!!

                                                        And here is comes...
                                    Likes: 24
                                                      Jen Drug: Congrats!
                                                      John Johnny: Congrats dude!
                                                      Sam Flickinger: Oops "baby." Thanks guys!
                                                      Sarah Miller: Yeah!!
                                                      Gill Peters: So happy for you both! Congrats
                                                      Dave Gloss: What's a "bayb"?
In this case, Dave Gloss is a douche.

Drink Up

Whoooah!! However were you able to catch this live-action pic of you drinking your morning coffee?! Wait... what? You were posing while scalding coffee was mere inches from your face??! Oh, there was nothing in the cup?

Working 9 to 5

                                                   Oh hey guurl! Cute hair! Go back to work.