The "Me First!"

Fran Smitherhose
One hour ago

I just ran 2 miles on Main Street!

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                                                  Fran Smitherhose I am sooo exhausted!
                                                  Fran Smitherhose I had a blast though, it's great to start
                                                   running. Anyone else into running these day?
                                                  Mark Mills Nice!
                                                  Fran Smitherhose It was fun Mark, do you run??

Fran Smitherhose is the kind of gal who sends you four text messages per your one. She comments on her status before anyone else does, usually uses "I" or "me," tells you what she ate for lunch or how bloated she is from her period or just regular bowel problems.  Most of what Fran has to say has little importance to everyone around her, thus, when no one responds to her status she will use a question to lure people in.

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