Status Updates I Don't Care About

Laura Smyth, age 19: Going to enjoy some wine tonight with my girls <3 <3 <3
                        OK so I love wine and hanging out with my lady boo's BUT I'm also not a 19 year old trying to impress my friends from high school and English 101. I'm pretty confident that the wine you're drinking was given to you out of sympathy because you lost that game of Ookie Cookie and you needed some sort of alcohol to burn any growth away. 

David Knox:  Crazzee nite last night. Anyways I have alot to do so Ima gunna c wat ma boi's r doin 2nit. LMAO while im ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      This makes no sense at all and your spelling is atrocious. Hopefully Darwinism will kick in soon and you will turn into a sea horse.

Gloria Frankenberger: i THink tHAt I Can TEChniCaLlY CAusE You tO HAvE a seIZURe IF i cOnTinUE tO TYpE liKe thiS.

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