The Glamour Sick Shot

Fran Smitherhouse: Uggggh I feel awful today :(
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Dave Aaron: Girl, you look great!!!
Fran Smitherhouse: Thanks Dave! How are you? :)
Heather Foozle: Aw cute, hope you feel better though! 
Fran Smitherhouse: Thanks Heather. I think I'll make soup. 
Fran Smitherhouse: @Mel what's that chicken barley recipe you use?
Fran Smitherhouse: ugh off to bed now.
Fran Smitherhouse: Hmm maybe a bubble bath first though ;)
Fran sneezed today which means she now can tell everyone how sick she's feeling. Luckily all she wants you to do is tell her how pretty she still looks even when she's under the weather. Oh Fran!
Note: Fran will keep checking in and tagging people until she gets ta suitable amount of  "Likes."

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